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Welcome to Manoharbhai Patel College Of Art, Commerce & Science Sakoli

Pioneering Institute Of Gondia Education Society, Gondia

Serving top class education
since 1968.


Opening for the right institution for higher studies is not smooth sailing. It needs careful consideration of attitudes which distinguish good institution from the not so good one. A college is known by its faculty, its library, its laboratories. Its careful and physical attainments, the intelligence and vitality of students, intellectual and more climate that permeate. Manoharbhai Patel College Of Art, Commerce & Science Sakoli stands in good measure despite decline of moral, social values and consequent gloom outside, it has been accredited B+ grade by NAAC.

This institution is aptly proved of its glorious traditions which have imbued the succeeding generations of its alumni. Those who have studied here and left look back which reverence on their association with this institution. The institution strives for all round development of students, which is a clarion call of time. Myriad activities in various departments and the endeavor of the college magazines are of seminal significance to bloom dormant potential of students. Such venture boosts up their creative energy which has an immense possibility to blossom in ensuing time.

Dr. R. D. Singh


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